Stuart M. Collis, Esq.


Stuart is running for judge in the 14A District Court because after over 25 years of litigating cases, he has personally witnessed the injustices and unfairness inherent in the system. Stuart believes that the court system has a duty to correct those problems and to lessen the burden of the system on all individuals. He strongly believes in the concepts of justice and fair play and does not believe that anyone should be unfairly disadvantaged in the legal system, whether the case is a criminal or civil matter.

Michigan District Courts handle a variety of matters, including small claims, traffic, landlord-tenant, civil matters under $25,000, and misdemeanor criminal charges. While these cases may seem small in nature, Stuart understands these cases have a direct and immediate impact on individual’s lives. Therefore, the utmost care and consideration must be given to each case before the court.

Having practiced in nearly every district court in Michigan, Stuart will bring an educated and unparalleled expert perspective to the 14A District Court. Stuart is licensed to practice in three states: Michigan, Illinois, and New York. He also is licensed to practice in the following Federal Courts: the United States Tax Court, 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Eastern District of Michigan, Western District of Michigan, and the Southern District of Indiana. This unique resume has allowed Stuart to see what policies and court procedures work well for people and which do not. Therefore, it is his mission to make sure that the court system works for the people which he will serve.

Further preparing Stuart for the bench is his long history in mediation. Beginning in 1997, Stuart started mediating small claims cases. He continues his work as a mediator to date, not only in Washtenaw County, but having been appointed by judges in Jackson and Oakland County to mediate cases.

Stuart graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1991 with a double major in history and political science. He then attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, where he had the privilege of being on the law review. He graduated from there with cum laude honors and in the top 17% of his class in September 1995.

He has been a speaker and presenter for the Michigan Institute of Continuing Legal Education, the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, Washtenaw Area Apartment Association, and the National Creditor’s Bar. Stuart also has published numerous legal articles, several which have been published and re-published. Excerpts of one of his legal briefs even was published on the cover of the Michigan State Bar Animal Law Section’s Newsletter.

When Stuart is not practicing law, he enjoys spending time with his wife Nancy, a former Pontiac police officer, his two children, and their dog. His hobbies include softball, soccer, bridge, reading, writing, and gaming.

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